Rainware systems


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6 reasons why your home needs a Rainware system:

  1. Foundation Preservation– To preserve the integrity of your home’s foundation it is important to keep its surrounding soil t. Inconsistent moisture can make the soil contract and pull away from the foundation, resulting in compromised support and cracked masonry. Rainware systems direct roof runoff away from your home’s foundation thereby helping to keep the soil moisture level consistent.
  2. Stain Prevention- A rainware system will eliminate the “splashback” caused by roof runoff hitting the ground next to the foundation. Splashback contains soil, minerals, and grass, which can cause unsightly stains on your foundation that, with time, become hard to remove.
  3. Landscape Preservation- Directing roof runoff safely off the roof and away from your plants will save them from receiving the damaging full force of rain. It will also prevent overwatering, which could result in the development of harmful fungi
  4. Outstanding Protection- Our 20 year transferable warranty is the longest warranty in the business.
  5. Color Selection and Consistency-We have one of the most extensive color selections available in the industry. All products are color-matched out of our own coil to ensure true color from part to part.
  6. Quality Control Measures– American Construction Metal controls every aspect of the manufacturing process to ensure all products meet or exceed industry standards for quality.